Baby Max

I love when I meet people for the first time and feel instantly comfortable. Jess & Erik are those kind of people. I had an awesome time getting to know them a bit, while capturing those first-time-parents glow and their adorable little dude! (Thanks, Jeannine, for introducing us!)


This one has my heart.

There are fewer things in life that carry the same love and amazement as being a mom. It is the most wonderfully terrifying journey I am so blessed to be on, and I am so thankful I get an awesome husband to go through it all with. Our handsome little son, Silas, was born 3 months early, endured surgeries, infections, tears, shots, IV’s and received a whole lot of prayers and love from an overwhelming amount of people. He is my absolute favorite kid on the planet! Even in his little life he has taught me more about patience and grace than I have ever known before. He’s a keeper. :)

Family Life – It’s the best.

I had the privilege of taking photos for this adorably gorgeous family a few weeks ago – before the beautifully horrible snow hit. Every time I am able to take photos for a family that is so much in love with each other, it makes me appreciate my own little family even more! It was an honor to get this little dude to smile and get those dimples working :)

And speaking of Families :)